How to Prepare Maca


Posted by aboutmaca | Posted in 6. Maca Preparations | Posted on 10-05-2011

Today, dried Maca root is ground to powder and sold in capsules as a food supplement and marketed to increase stamina (sexual and athletic) and fertility. In the Andes, as much as a pound of fresh and/or dried Maca root is eaten as a food in a single day. In herbal medicine in the U.S., dried Maca root tablets, capsules and powders are generally recommended at dosages of 5-20 g daily. The dried root powder (a more economical choice than tablets or capsules) can be stirred into juice, water, or smoothies (2 tsp. of root powder are about 5.5 g). For standardized and concentrated extract products, follow the labeled instructions. (7)

Maca is also prepared as an extract in concentrated amounts, which can be used sublingually, or added to beverages.

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